C'mon and get down with that Artifacts sound
Where kids get wreck and, the beat's bound to pound
We're strollin through the industry B, see we gotta be
the next shit that kicks, cause brothers ain't got it
In this rap shit, ain't no time for the dilly-dally
pally throw a match in the Gasoline Alley
Blew up mad spots, kids were jealous for the props
See the shit never stops Hobbes, just lookin for my dillz-knot
Styles we make, never fake, broke breaks in every crate
Old freestyles and dirty ass copied-over tapes
Notified that, the Artifacts never slack
While crews is on stage wack, we just play the back
Now, the flip tripper ripper slits ya wit da mixture
All crews, who never paid dues, watch it 'fore I get ya
Cause nowadays, it's da ways, of the underground
but they're wack now, so c'mon wit da git down

This is Boom Bap, rapper annihilates the next
Ordinary gets vexed, my commentary's best
Fools who don't know the rules, be left in my dust
They come bust for what I bust, niggaz figure I lust
for fame, I'm never lame, true to the game I'm needin
brothers to be more concious or this rap shit we'll be leavin
breathin vocab, so bad, the lyrical nomad, my son
You call me dad when I flipped and ripped your notepad
Drag brothers who rap, I snap em out position
Who be that? Yo, listen Artifact might that be dissin
So enter the demented, thoughts of the innovator
Contenders, remember, I do you and surrender
You hear my sound usin verbs and some pronouns
Remix bound, so yo c'mon wit da get down

I said c'mon wit da c'mon, get down with da get down
wit da c'mon, wit da get down
C'mon wit da c'mon, get down with da get down
Artifacts and Busta Rhymes got the new sound




[Verse 1: Master Ace]

Listen closely, so your attention's undivided.
Many in the past have tried to do what I did.
Just the way I came off, man I'm gonna come off.
Stronger and longer, even with the drum off.
I keep on goin' and flowin' just like a river.
I got a whole lot to give so I'm-a give a
little at a time, new trails are blazin',
Action is in effect, and always stays in.
Yeah, just like a shot from a cannon.
I am the man in charge and I've been plannin'
a jam strong enough that it can life your soul.
I'm the originator, and my rhymes are made of gold.
Once you hear the capital "A" rap, it'll stay
with you for awhile, it won't go away.
Unless you force it, because it stays with you, my friend,
and if you toss it away, I'm-a hit ya again.

Next up (Yo, I believe that's me). Craig G, light up the mic for the Symphony.

[Verse 2: Craig G]

This jam is dedicated to all un-optimistics
that though I wasn't coming out with some exquisite rhymes.
But that's alright, cuz now I'm back
to kill all the rumors and straighten the facts of me
not rockin' rhymes like I always used to,
but you jumped on hte tip when you heard me and the Juice Crew.
You said, "Mmm mmm mmm, ain't that somethin?
Yo Craig, I head you in that jam, and it's pumpin'!
I apologize. Oh yeah, and uh, can I have your autograph for me and my grandma?"
That's how I'm livin': all surprise mode.
Don't even sleep, try not to keep your eyes closed.
Cuz if you do, when you awaken, your so-called spot will be taken.
I'll take you over like a greedy executive, cuz on the mic my prospective is
to be the best in all rap events, and since I have a call, I call experience.
Next up...(Yo, I believe that's me)
Kool G Rap, light up the mic for the Symphony...

[Verse 3: Kool G Rap]

Yo, Marley gives the slice, I get nice,
and my voice is twice as horrifying as Vincent Price
goes deep, till you fell in a spell of a sleep,
and while I'm countin' the money, you count sheep.
When G Rap strikes the mic, I recite the type of hype that you like,
and make the people unite.
I grip up hips and zip up lips, step on reps, you flip and wanna sip on my tip.
Take a deep breath, because you don't have another left.
Comin' back like I'm avengin' my brother's deat.
Makin' veterans run for medicine,
cuz I put out more lights in a fight than ConEdison.
Rip the damn cage like I'm on a rampage.
And if you want rage, I'm-a make front page.
Read the headlines, suckers, todays the deadline,
your head is way past bedtime.

Next up... (I believe that's me)
Big Daddy Kane, get on the mic for the Symphony.

[Verse4: Big Daddy Kane]

Settin' it off, lettin' it off, beginnin'.
Rough to the endin', you never been in
to move the groove with the smooth rap lord;
like a bottle of juice, rhymes are being poured.
Down your ear, crisp and clear,
as I prepare to wear, tear and smear - then I'm outta here.
With a mark left that you can all cling.
Cuz rockin' a party? Yo, it's a small thing.
I rip many places on regular basis, and broken down mics were the only traces
that I'd been there and there at the party.
The mic had my prints, and on it was a body.
So take caution. I'm not horsin' around in a throwdown, clown,
I'm takin' yours son.
So just acknowledge the way that I kick it,
cuz if rap was a house, you'd be evicted.
And dismissed from the microphone, chokin' on a bone, cuz Daddy's home.
And battlin' me is hazardous to health,
so put a quarter in your ass, cuz ya played yourself

I reign superior, always takin' care o'ya.
No-frill rappers, you will evaporate, disintegrate, deflate to your fate,
as the great will dominate straight to the state
of reignin', gainin. So put Kane in, that category. Period. End of story...


When I get stupid to the point that I'm mentally mad
My rhymes start to flow, so I simply must brag
About my style that makes you vibrant, I keep drivin
Until the song turns me to a hip-hop giant
Me and Marley Marl, we're goin one on one
For any sucker rapper that chooses to come
And for me Craig G a/k/a The Kingpin
I drop science, can't you tell how I'm singing?
They hate how I tie my mic cord to a whip
Suckers just have to flip cause I'm so hip
Craig G and Marley Marl, we form the ultimate alliance
No sucker can deal when I'm droppin science

Get funky

I'm droppin science

Rappers: Ask yourself the same question
Why am I best in this profession?
Is it because you're scared to step to me, yo
Or the things Marley does in the studio?
I drop science as if I was Butterfingers
And I know there's not another singer
In this lifetime to kick the right rhyme
Cause there's not another rhyme quite like mine
And when it comes to havin showmanship
I really don't care who you go and get
Cause rappers hate me, I'm so defiant
And I can get stupid just by droppin science

Get funky

I'm droppin science

Livin larger than life, and what this means is
We'll be the dopest duo comin outta Queensbridge
Now crews hate us cause we're extraordinaire
For you to beat us? Hm, I think that's sort of rare
These rhymes are dope, that's how I transmit
And sized perfectly, so that they can fit
You're steppin to us? You need traction
Or you'll be another sucker missin in action
You hate to hear it? You'll learn to love it
My smokin rhymes, you always think of it
I eat MC's up like a pack of hungry lions
So step out my way, I'm droppin science

Get funky

I'm droppin science

The Vernon Posse along with me Craig G
Is gonna rock it till the crowd begs me
To kick the next verse, your context's worse
Like all the others, that's why I get respect first
And believe me, I'm never on on others
Cause as a member of Cold Chillin'/Warner Brothers
I do swear to uphold this
Title of rap to be the boldest
Among so many MC's
Yo Marley, yo we outta here?
(Yo money, let's breeze)

I'm droppin science

流石のレジェンドCRAIG G,噂には聞いてたがFREESTYLEも未だ現役
俺が着て行ったSYMPHONY TEEをネタにして即興でかましてくれた
アがりました Mmm! Mmm!! Mmm!!!



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